Data Center Technical Resources

Power supply:

- Class 1 power supply
- Two individual power substations – an urban and a diesel driven generator of a required power
- Switching between power sources is accomplished with ABP
- UPS units prevent unexpected interruption due to such force majeure circumstances as power cuts or power failure
- Design capacitance of Data Center is of 120 kW. Approximately 20 kW is dedicated for every server rack
- Main Grounding Bus is wired up to the downhole technological earthing loop



- Microclimate of the service platform is provided with McQuay industrial air conditioners (temperature selections of 16 to 18°C, relative humidity between 40-45%, the deviation range ± 1%)
- Air conditioners are equipped with the air cleaning and air-filtering systems (air purification degree is 95%). The cooling system equipment is built in accordance with the system “cold and hot aisle” in order to direct the flow of air to the equipment, which requires more cooling.


Safety and fire-fighting system:

- Automatic F/F system and fire notification (fire and security alarm)
- Non-aqueous F/F system
- Round the clock security which eliminates the risk of unauthorized access to the premises


Hardware and Software:

- Server closets meet TIA-942, TIER-2+ word class requirements
- All server racks are of an open type for servers (42U 600х1000) and telecommunications facilities (42U 600х800)
- Internet transmission is conducted via fiber-optical communication links using Ethernet commutators of Extreme Network (10 Gbit/s speed) that can aggregate the traffic flow of more than 100 Gbіt/s
- Extreme Networks, Cisco Systems network infrastructure
- Dangerous traffic filtering is performed on a Linux-based firewalls and Extreme Networks
- Intel, Supermicro, DELL, HP server platforms are based on Intel Xeon processors and AMD Opteron
- Servers and telecommunication system monitoring facilities


Why Persheron Data Center?

- Reliability and stability. Uninterruptible and a high quality service provisioning
- Technical support service. The staff of the data center implement round the clock monitoring to ensure uninterruptible equipment operation
- Safety. Data center provides information confidentiality of clients’ data
- Service quality. Individual approach to every client; high level of service; staff competence.


Network channels


Channel Capacity Type
Ukraine 1 Gbit/s + 10 Gbit/s Above-ground, fiber-optical
World 2х1 Gbit/s Above-ground, fiber-optical