Improved security on servers. Changing PHP.

Constant hacking sites that located on popular CMS Joomla, Word Press and others basically . Recently, due to problems with data security CMS, constant infection sites for external code files that send spam and attack other resources (websites , servers) , it was locked with a web server, so it was decided to correct the situation on the server side that banning a number of dangerous functions in php, also audited on firewall and blocked a number of services , infected files , and code removed. List of disabled functions PHP: apache_child_terminate apache_setenv define_syslog_variables escapeshellarg escapeshellcmd eval exec fp fput ftp_connect ftp_exec ftp_get ftp_login ftp_nb_fput ftp_put ftp_raw ftp_rawlist highlight_file ini_alter ini_get_all ini_restore inject_code mysql_pconnect openlog passthru php_uname phpAds_remoteInfo phpAds_XmlRpc phpAds_xmlrpcDecode phpAds_xmlrpcEncode popen posix_getpwuid posix_kill posix_mkfifo posix_setpgid posix_setsid posix_setuid posix_setuid posix_uname proc_close proc_get_status proc_nice proc_open proc_terminate shell_exec syslog system xmlrpc_entity_decode In case if you want to enable some of them are or will be any problems with the availability of resources that were previously available but now there is no access contact sheet of support.