• Dedicated Server from Persheron Data Center is a well-balanced correlation between commercial and technical requirements. If a project requires some special operating system options, high level of data security or utmost performance, get your server live in 5 minutes with CentOS (Linux / FreeBSD / Fedora / FreeBSD or Ubuntu). The customer can install any other operating system using server access via IP KVM or VNC. PERSHERON HIGH PERFORMANCE DEDICATED SERVERS - Enterprise servers - Ukrainian and world traffic from 10 TB - Internal DNS server - ISPManager, cPanel control panels - IP-KVM - IP-PDU VDS is a flawless choice for hosting companies and for web-projects that have a lot of visitors and generate high traffic!
  • A virtual private server (VPS) is an alternate way for common hosting service, in case the necessity to use some peculiar options or to use the utmost resources for the web project. VPS is a full-fledged equivalent to a separate physical server that corresponds to the individual customer’s needs for acceptable price.
    Persheron Virtual servers:
    - High performance servers;
    - ISPManager, cPanel control panels;
    - Provisions of reliable software or VNC console access;
    - 24/7 server monitoring.
    Service quality for affordable price will meet your needs!
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  • With Persheron Hosting, you will get all the benefits of professional and secure hosting for affordable price. Each hosting plan includes the support of PHP, Perl, CGI, and SSI scripting languages. Available options include tools of necessity for web hosting and MySQL databases management (with phpMyAdmin, PostgreSQL, and PGSQL Admin control panels access). In addition, all data is stored in two high-tech data centers of separate geographical location. We understand the needs of customer’s web project. That’s why we create personal hosting plans to meet the customer’s needs.

    Persheron hosting:
    - Unlimited traffic;
    - Possibility to upload huge MySQL databases via control panel;
    - High performance servers for web hosting on Intel platform (Xeon E3/E5, 32-128GB RAM, SAS RAID 1,5,10 and SSD + Disk storages SATA / SAS up to 270TB for information storage);
    - Databases servers on Intel platform (Xeon E3, 32GB RAM, SAS + SSD for databases storage).

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Third NS-server

To improve the service was introduced three NS-server. All three NS-Server is in...

Web Hosting

  • Starter
  • 21 UAH./months.
  • Num. of sites: 1
  • Num. Database 1
  • Mailboxes: 10
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  • VPS-1
  • 145 UAH./months.
  • Memory: 512 MB
  • HDD: 20 GB
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  • Dedicated Xeon E3-1240v2
  • 1480 UAH./months.
  • CPU: Xeon E3-1240v2
  • Memory: 32 GB ECC
  • HDD: 2x2 TB
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  • Collocation-1
  • 650 UAH./month.
  • 2U Server
  • Ethernet-port - 100 Mbit
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